Monitoring and Graphing Liferay with MRTG

MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is usually used to monitor SNMP enabled network devices and draw graphs of how much traffic has passed through each interface. It can also be used to graph any two values (in/out) and I use it for graphing cpu usage, loadavg, iowait, used memory, disk space and temperature sensor values that I can read through SNMP. Liferay however doesn’t support SNMP so I developed a perl script that can read JMX MBean values using JMX4Perl and Jolokia. I’m going to assume you have JMX4Perl and Jolokia setup already the way I describe it in my earlier post: Monitoring Liferay with Nagios, Jolokia and JMX4Perl. You should also note that MRTG won’t send you any alerts so it’s a good idea to setup Nagios to do just that. More